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All our products are imported as the IBERICO ham PATA NEGRA , SAN DANIEL HAM , chorizo , saucisson ROSETTE...

The spice are very important , RAZ EL HANOUT spice for the original COUSCOUS and also for our own KEBAB.

Selection of imported cheese as MORBIER , BRIE, BLUE , GOAT CHEESE and served with Home made french countryside bread.

Our cuisine used more than 500 kilos tomatoes per month from all sauce as POMODORO for the pizza or pasta .

You can request special dishes as your test only just ask our team they will do the pleasure to cook for you.

All our vietnamese cuisine are original test and freshly made.

For your information we do not used MSG ( monosodium glutamate )  

We hope to see you soon at COCOCLUB.

Reservation :      hotline: +849032468544

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